Le Park Cannes Mougins is delighted to cater for your professional events and private receptions with the renown savoir-recevoir Lenôtre which is constantly reinventing itself in order to share with you the excellence of taste, the rarity of life’s events and the prestige of service.


Every day, the Chefs of Maison Lenôtre keep the spirit of Gaston Lenôtre alive, surpassing and reinventing the best of French pastry and culinary heritage and adapting it to the trends and desires of today.
Associated with the most beautiful Parisian and international festivals, a member of the Comité Colbert, the Maison Lenôtre embodies the elegance and creative drive of French luxury.
Lenôtre en Provence Côte d’Azur hosts addresses such as Le Park Cannes Mougins or La Rotonde de Beaulieu.
Here, on the French Riviera and thanks to the talent of Eric Finon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011, gastronomy flies the colours of the Mediterranean and showcases the richness of its products and flavors.

Gastronomy and the Art of entertaining

Hosting an event at Le Park Cannes Mougins is a guarantee of experiencing a refined, gourmet gastronomy, creative yet in keeping with the seasons.
Maison Lenôtre considers gastronomy an art that requires rigour and precision in its actions, as well as in the selection and respect of the perfect ingredients. This approach allows us to offer our customers gastronomic, aesthetic and elegant creations.

A sophisticated setting and impeccable service will enhance your culinary experience.
An art of entertaining that turns every reception into a unique party.

Event creators

Private receptions, prestigious operations, cocktails or gala dinners, in France and overseas, Lenôtre organizes more than 6,500 events each year. So many amazing culinary adventures, gastronomic delights, creation of exclusive decoration, unique staging and a service second to none.
Passion, experience and precision are the great pillars of the art of entertaining according to Lenôtre. Today, only an exquisite know-how can enchant such occasions and transform a party.
To bring to life and share our heritage of gastronomy to offer all your guests a unique experience of luxury, from the smallest moment of daily indulgence to great moments of occasion, this is the promise of Maison Lenôtre.

Business and expertise

The secrets of the Maison Lenôtre are also in the duty and the passion of the communication of excellence in skills of pastry making and culinary know-how, the desire to always improve ways of sharing of French gastronomic culture, during remote workshops, as well as within the Lenôtre School.
Alongside the excellence of the know-how and the products, we add the excellence of the experiences, of decor and of service, all evident via the elegance and the commitment of our savoir-vivre and expertise, especially during events and shopping activities.
Each reception we host is the fruit of an impeccable time-plan, flawless organization, the input of a highly skilled technical director, chefs, kitchen staff, office managers, butlers … who all share the culture of a high-end service to transform each reception into a unique and memorable occasion.